About Me

Since August 2018, I has worked as Research Associate at Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford with Anthony W. Lin on Algorithmic Verification Of String-Manipulating Programs. From September 2017 to August 2018, I took several short-term postdoc positions under Aquinas Hobor and Jaffar Joxan. My CV can be found here.

For a brief background, I was a NUS undergraduate student (2007-2012) studying Double-Degree Program in Computer Science and Pure Mathematics (a list of taken courses can be found here. After receiving two first-class bachelor’s degrees in 2012, I officially (and seriously) began my research career as a CS PhD student in NUS (2013-2017) under the President Graduate Fellowship Scheme. During my PhD studies,I was very fortunate to be supervised by Aquinas Hobor and mentored by Anthony W. Lin.

Research Interest

I am interested in both the practical applications and theoretical foundations of Computer Science. In particular, my research topics include (but are not limited to) developing logical frameworks/(certified) decision procedures for program verification, as well as establishing the decidability and computational complexity of the underlying logics.


  1. With Aquinas Hobor & Anthony W. Lin: Complexity Analysis of Tree Share Structure. In APLAS 2018 (Wellington, New Zealand). Paper. Slides.
  2. With Aquinas Hobor: Logical Reasoning for disjoint permissions. In ESOP 2018 (Thessaloniki, Greece). Paper. Slides. Tool.
  3. With Toan Nguyen Thanh & Wei Ngan Chin & Aquinas Hobor: A Certified Decision Procedure for Tree Shares. In ICFEM 2017 (Xian, China). Paper. Slides. Tool.
  4. With Aquinas Hobor & Anthony W. Lin: Decidability and Complexity of Tree Share Formulas. In FSTTCS 2016 (Chennai, India). Paper. Slides.
  5. With Cristian Gherghina & Aquinas Hobor: Decision Procedures Over Sophisticated Fractional Permissions. In APLAS 2012 (Kyoto, Japan). Paper. Slides.
  6. Thesis: Disjoint fractional permissions in verification: Applications, Systems and Theory. Submitted in September 2017. Submitted version.

My personal life

I usually hit the gym three times a week to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I am also a fan of hiking, cycling and swimming. I have experience in growing indoor hydroponic herb garden (sweet basil, thai basil, thyme, dill).

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